DSNA Services provides worldwide consultancy, operational engineering and training services based on DGAC’s and ENAC’s professional know-how.

OUR CUSTOMERS: Civil aviation, air navigation provider, Airport authorities, Airlines

OUR DOMAIN : Operation – Regulation – Supervision

OUR SERVICES : Consultancy – Audit – Project Management – Engineering – Operational training

– Safety : SMS implementation, Safety studies
– Air Navigation Operational Concept : CDM, Dynamic ATFM, FUA, Apron Control …
– Airspace Design : Merge Point, CCO-CDO, PBN, …
– Solutions : XMAN, Human ressources & skills management software, 4D-Trajectography software, …
– Technics: studies to implement new material, project management
– Regulation & Supervision : Corrective Action Plan


ATC Supervisor Advanced Training

ATC Generic Supervisor Initial Training

ATC Customized Supervisor Initial Training

ATC Supervisor Refresher Training


  • Consulting and project management for the restructuration of the Haitian air traffic control ;
  • Training of Egyptian controllers on Paris-CDG 360° simulator;
  • CDM studies at Beijing and Shenzhen airports in China and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia;
  • Training seminars on CDM concept in South east Asia and Middle East;
  • Airspace design studies for Cairo TMA and Sudan upper airspace;
  • Control towers design studies;
  • VHF/VSAT antennas feasibility and implementation study in remote location;
  • Training seminars on SMS regulation and implementation;
  • FUA (Flexible Use of Airspace) and ATFCM (Air Traffic Flow Capacity Management) training seminars on regulations and actual implementation cases with measure of benefits.
  • Consulting on Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and ATC concepts of operations (CDM) for the Civil Aviaiton Authority of China (CAAC);
  • Seminars on air traffic management concepts (Continuous Climb Operations, Continuous Descent Operations, Safety Management System) at the Sino-european University of China.

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