Hologarde : An Innovative Drone Detection Solution Presented by DSNA Services and Groupe ADP

Every year, the number of incidents and collision risks with drones keeps increasing all over the world. Prisons, airports, power plants and other sensitive sites where security is a major issue, are more prone to these occurrences. The solution to this growing problem: Hologarde, an integrated drone defense solution, adaptable to every type of site, co-developed by Groupe ADP and DSNA Services..

One Solution, Three Technologies

Groupe ADP and DSNA Services put together a unique solution which incorporates three technologies: radar, radio frequency and HD video cameras. Hologarde can detect any type of drone up to five kilometers away with its long-range radar, which then transmits the coordinates to the command control center, viewable on a computer or tablet. Once the drone is detected, it is monitored in real time through a camera. This 5 km detection is one of Hologarde’s greatest assets, as it allows users to assess the situation, anticipate & develop the appropriate response, depending on the intrusion. This new technology is also adaptable to many types of sites, including airports, nuclear plants or any other site requiring increased surveillance. “Hologarde is a drone detection solution that incorporates innovative technologies within a single control center suitable for all users. Our goal is to enable a safer world with drones,” highlights Stéphane Durand, the Executive Director at DSNA Services.

Hologarde, a Winning Collaboration

With their combined expertise and knowledge, Groupe ADP and DSNA Services developed an unprecedented solution for detecting, tracking, and identifying drones. “By pooling the expertise of Groupe ADP and the French Civil Aviation Authority with the dynamic flexibility of partner start-ups, Hologarde gives us a clear advantage in international drone innovation within an industry that is worth billions of euros,” states Edward Arkwright, Deputy CEO for Groupe ADP.

Hologarde Impresses at the 2017 International Paris Air Show

During the 2017 International Paris Air Show at Paris – Le Bourget, Groupe ADP and DSNA Services presented Hologarde to the aviation industry and to the government. The Minister in charge of Transport, the Commandant de la défense aérienne et des opérations aériennes (CDAOA), the Commandant du centre d’expertise aérienne militaire (CEAM) and the Director-General for Mobility and Transport for the European Commission saw the efficiency and accuracy of the new technology. During the Air Show, dozens of drones were detected live at a distance of 4.5-5km from the Paris-Le Bourget Airport. Through these field tests, Hologarde showed its reliability. “The demonstrations were a great success. Over a hundred delegations from 35 countries saw Hologarde detect drones in real time. We are pleased with the interest and attention from the political sphere, the industry and its users,” adds Stéphane Durand.

Starting in July, the trial will start a new phase as Hologarde will be installed at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.For further information, please visit: hologarde.com

Hologarde Integrated Drone Defense Solution at Le Bourget 2017 YouTube play


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